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McDonald’s invests in regenerative, sustainable agriculture

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
No-Till Farming

No-Till Farming

By Catherine Haug, Dec 20, 2017 (image right,  is from Fairfax County .gov (2))

I’ve never been a fan of fast food, and avoid it. But this news about McDonald’s (from a Mercola article (1)), is good news for the planet.

I’ve written before about regenerative agriculture, and how important it is for the planet, not to mention for our personal health. Now McDonald’s wants to get on the regenerative ag bandwagon with a pilot program to assess the ability of its cattle ranchers to sequester carbon in soil by implementing regenerative grazing practices. If this pilot program is a success, it could give a big boost to regenerative agriculture in general.

Read the Mercola article (1) for more about McDonald’s pilot program. And read on for more about what I believe it involves, and its benefits. (more…)

Sustainable farming, ranching and gardening in the Flathead

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016
Veggie Landscape Garden

Veggie Landscape Garden

By Catherine Haug, May 17, 2016 (Photo from Mercola (3))

Did you see the article in Sunday’s Daily Inter Lake, “Former artists now run sustainable farm,” by Kathryn Houghton, and photos by Aaric Bryan? The farm is in the Flathead’s  lower valley, and is appropriately called “Lower Valley Farm.” You can view their website at (4). See References, below, for the link to the article on the DIL website (1), or a printable pdf version of the article and photos (2). Or email me for a higher-quality pdf.

Here’s how it begins: (more…)