Bigfork’s Monthly Open Stage

Clementine's Open Stage performers

Clementine’s Open Stage performers

By Catherine Haug (photo, above, courtesy of Thom Harris)

Have a great meal, be entertained by local musicians, comedians, poets, writers, readers – or others just passing through – and get to know members of our community all at the same time!

2018 update: Unfortunately, Clementine’s is no longer hosting our Open Stage Event. Ww tried the VWF Conference Room, but the lighting and acoustics were not the best and our attendance dropped to just a couple performers and 1 or 2 in the audience.

We have suspended this event for November-December 2018, and hope to find a better venue beginning in January 2019.

Contact Cat  to get on our email list (for date or location updates):cats email

This popular Bigfork event meets every month throughout the year at the following venues:

Jan – ? (2019; not yet confirmed)

We are hoping to use the “Red Room” at the Bigfork Inn (just off the main dining room,, facing the deck, next to Sweet Peaks), but this has not yet been confirmed.

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