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Cat at Cider Press Grinder

Cat at Cider Press Grinder

Welcome! to our website, and to the ESP Community. We are located in Montana’s Flathead Valley, in the community of Bigfork, although our membership is spread throughout the valley.

ESP Home Page: no matter where you are within our website, you can always click on “The EssentiaList” in the green band at the top of every page, to return to our Home page (this page). Note that the links column (right-hand side of page) appears on all pages except individual articles.

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Note from Cat: If you get a “404 Error” (broken link error), please send me an email, providing the full url that gave the error (copy/paste) so I can fix the link.  (see ESP Contact).

Gatherings (Events)

We no longer hold regular events, called “Gatherings;” instead, check out our Blog for relevant articles, including summaries of past Gatherings.

Also, the Monthly Open Stage has relocated to Max’s Market in Bigfork. However, it is on hiatus due to the coronavirus; we hope to restart in October 2020.

About ESP

Go to our “About Us” page to learn more about ESP and the core team, including our mission statement. Or read the Article about ESP from the Daily InterLake newspaper (November 24, 2008). Contact Us is another option. You can print out our ESP Poster for display at valley locations.

Go to our  Gatherings & Events page to learn about upcoming events. Or use the “Blog Categories” pull-down to select “Notices-Events.”

About our Blog

A blog is a diary, with each entry called a Post. Each post is given a date & time stamp, then all posts are stored in chronological sequence, just as in a diary. Our Blog is where you will find the articles on various topics, including summaries of our gatherings, notices of coming events, and articles on specific subjects pertinent to our mission.

Our blog is the life of our website, where ESP members post articles or event notices in keeping with our Mission, and Rules for Posting. If you are not familiar with how blogs work, it can be confusing at first, so here’s a little help: go to Navigating our Blog.

There are many ways to access our blog, including from:

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3 Responses to “ESP Home”

  1. DWood says:

    Thanks for the news letter; I enjoy it very much. I need to how ever devote more time to attending – I will make a greater effort towards that means.
    I especially like the food swap idea being floated. [See also Food Swapping in the Flathead].

    Food or music and essential stuff are some of the reasons that bring communities and community members closer to understanding one another. [See also Clementine’s Open Stage]

  2. Kurt says:

    First let me thank you for a very informative site. Just found The EssentiaList and will be back many times.

    Now to get to what I wanted to pass on. I came across the listing concerning an external link about a book titled “A Manual of Home Making (1919) that had a link to an HTML version of the book. Time consuming to DL and keep the data. For older books like this, I try looking at the Internet Archive ( Found the above mentioned book and DLed it in .pdf format.

    There are usually other formats you may choose from including .txt. Great source for older print material. As an example, try searching for “cook book”. Many older cookbooks come up in the results.

    Thanks again!

  3. Eleusis says:

    I have been looking for a list of activities and events around the valley for a few months chasing loose ends.

    Montana needs to collect more Intelligent Lifeforms. This [ESP site] is good to see.

    I have a list of names used to disguise MSG in Foods. Working with Hydrogen as a Alternative Energy source, Power, Transportation and Heat. Playing with the Rocket Stove idea too.

    be nice to find others [with similar interests]