Preparedness Brochures

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[NOTE: When the BERT (Bigfork Emergency Response Team) website is up, this information will also be posted there.]

These brochures are printable online versions (pdf) of handouts/brochures available at BERT events. See also: Preparedness Information Sites

Sheltering In-Place

Guide to Evacuation Levels

Ready Brochures

About the 3 Actions for yourself, your family, and your pet, to be ready for any emergency: 1) Prepare; 2) Plan; 3) Stay Informed.

Preparedness Checklist/Supplies Kit

These brochures detail what you need in a supplies kit for your family’s preparedness needs. Choose one, print it out, and use it to help you remember what to do when chaos happens.


  • My Medications List is useful in assisting emergency responders called to help seniors and others who take medications (including herbal and supplements).

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