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Veggie Landscape Garden

Veggie Landscape Garden

By Catherine Haug, May 17, 2016 (Photo from Mercola (3))

Did you see the article in Sunday’s Daily Inter Lake, “Former artists now run sustainable farm,” by Kathryn Houghton, and photos by Aaric Bryan? The farm is in the Flathead’s  lower valley, and is appropriately called “Lower Valley Farm.” You can view their website at (4). See References, below, for the link to the article on the DIL website (1), or a printable pdf version of the article and photos (2). Or email me for a higher-quality pdf.

Here’s how it begins:

Former artists now run sustainable farm


Among farmland that alternates between fields of wheat and cow pastures is a small sustainable farm that came out of a family’s desire to have fresh food.

“What we’re doing, well, here it’s weird,” said Mandy Gerth, the co-founder of Lower Valley Farm, which she started alongside her husband, Jay Cummings.

Gerth, 35, and Cummings, 37, are first-generation farmers in their fourth growing season. When they talk about their 70-acre farm, they shift through a series of buzzwords.

“You could say we’re a regenerative farm, with grass-fed beef and rotated crop,” Cummings said.

“We are sustainable and ecological,” Gerth added. ….

[See references 1 or 2, below, for the complete article; if you don’t have a subscription, you may not be able to view reference 1, but you should be able to view reference 2, which is a printable pdf version transcribed by Cat].

Big topics in the sustainability world

In the article they talk about the importance of sustainability, and their use of regenerative practices, a topic on which I wrote several articles in Nov 2015:

A related topic is Biodynamic farming; see my 2014 article: Biodynamic farming and a documentary film, 8/9/14.


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