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Impending Crisis, late 2022-2024, and How to Deal with It

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Article by ESP Editor: Catherine Haug, 7/15/22 (based on a Mercola article of the same date)

Per a July 2022 Mercola article (Impending ‘Polycrisis of Doom’). * There are predictions for several devastating crises (around the globe) coming in late 2022-2024, about food shortages, health issues and more. I’ve copied his “Story at a Glance,” below, and also some notes from the article.

* [I’ve saved his article as a pdf (since he closes down his articles after 48 hours): MERCOLA: Doom-ImpendingPolycrises_strateg-to-deal.pdf. If you’d like a copy of the pdf, please contact me (see ESP Contact.]

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After you read this article, let me know if you think we should re-start ESP’s gatherings, to help people prepare for this projected crisis (see ESP Contact).