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Heat your Home with Grass Clippings?

Monday, September 5th, 2022

Sept 5, 2022, by Catherine Haug

I know, this sounds impossible, but apparently it is the real deal, and it doesn’t work by burning the grass clippings. This is becoming important, as our earth is going through some horrible changes. Many are predicting huge shortages of food, water, and energy in our future; here’s one example: “Impending Crisis, late 2022-2024, and How to Deal with It.”

Here are links to some amazing videos and articles about using grass clippings to heat your home. Check them out:

Impending Crisis, late 2022-2024, and How to Deal with It

Friday, July 15th, 2022

Article by ESP Editor: Catherine Haug, 7/15/22 (based on a Mercola article of the same date)

Per a July 2022 Mercola article (Impending ‘Polycrisis of Doom’). * There are predictions for several devastating crises (around the globe) coming in late 2022-2024, about food shortages, health issues and more. I’ve copied his “Story at a Glance,” below, and also some notes from the article.

* [I’ve saved his article as a pdf (since he closes down his articles after 48 hours): MERCOLA: Doom-ImpendingPolycrises_strateg-to-deal.pdf. If you’d like a copy of the pdf, please contact me (see ESP Contact.]

Here are some related articles on The EssentiaList:

and on my personal website: CatsKitchen

After you read this article, let me know if you think we should re-start ESP’s gatherings, to help people prepare for this projected crisis (see ESP Contact).


Edd Blackler is sorely missed

Sunday, September 6th, 2020

Edd Blackler, a founding member of ESP, died, Aug 18, 2020 of cancer. See for his obituary.

He was very influential in getting ESP off the ground, and was dedicated to keeping it alive and influential. But that’s only the beginning. He loved Bigfork and was very active in helping to make it even better. See much more detail in his obituary link above.

Be Financially Prepared for Natural Disasters

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020

by Catherine Haug, August 2020

Here in NW Montana, we face forest fire risks every summer. We also have risks of earthquakes. For those who live in or near a flood plain, there is risk of flooding, especially in the spring. In the winter, you could be shut-in due to heavy snowstorm or black ice storm.

It makes sense to be prepared!

The following notes are from an article in the Daily Inter Lake, but Jesse Rigler of Edward Jones in Kalispell, MT. Sorry I didn’t write down the date of the article. (more…)

Protect yourself, your home, and family from harmful EMFs produced by the new 5G networks

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

By Catherine Haug, March 15, 2020

For those not familiar with the abbreviations in the title:

  • EMF = Electromagnetic Field radiation such as those emitted from wireless communication equipment/devices;
  • 5G = Fifth Generation cell phone technology

You may have heard about the dangers of 5G wireless technology because it penetrates deeper and goes farther than any of the previous generations. This is especially true for the 600-megahertz band that’s been opened up for T-Mobile’s 5G network, according to an article on Mercola’s website (1).

We are all exposed to EMFs, even if we don’t have/use cell phones. It is everywhere. However, the new 5G wireless technology has increased the risk from EMFs significantly.

What should you tackle first, to protect you,  your home, your family and your pets from the dangers of EMFs? Read on… (more…)

Citizens for a Better Flathead: Dead or Alive

Sunday, October 13th, 2019

By Catherine Haug, October 2019

You may have heard that Citizens for a Better Flathead (CFB) board voted to shut down (hibernate) the organization due to lack of sufficient funding (see Daily Interlake article, Aug 30, 2019 for more detail). They have been a vital, vocal land-use advisory group since 1992.

Then Mayre Flowers called a meeting of long-time supporters to discuss their vision for the future of the organization. That meeting was held on October 1, 2019.

If you believe in the work of CFB, please consider supporting the organization – financially and/or volunteering – if they do decide to start-up again. Read on for examples of CFB’s past work, and Mayre’s notes from that Oct 1 meeting. (more…)