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Event Notice: 2017 Community Cider Press, October 7, 2017

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Jeffrey & Betsy Funk

By C. Haug, from Jeffrey and Betsy Funk, Sept 2017; photo, right, by J. Helps, 2010

Our annual cider pressing is scheduled for October 7th this year, which is a Saturday.  All are welcome.  Please bring apples to press for yourself and to share with those who don’t have apples. 

Please note:  No groundfall apples will be accepted for pressing to minimize the possibility of E coli contamination.  Only apples picked from the trees are welcome. 

We will have bottles on hand for sale for fifty cents each, or you can bring your own clean containers. 

Look for things to start at about ten in the morning, and last until dusk.  Call Jeffrey or Betsy at 837-4208 for more information.

Location: Funk homestead at 990 McCaffery Road, Bigfork MT

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.  Hope to see you and your friends and family.

Cat’s note: Bigfork’s Community Cider Press event was started by ESP, and originally held during Bigfork’s Tamarack Festival, on the deck of what was then La Provence restaurant. The first year, we used a small hand-crank apple grinder and cider press; subsequent years, Jeffrey Funk loaned us his foot-powered apple grinder that kept getting better each year. I’m sure he has improved it even more  since then.

See for event summaries and photos of those first events. See also the following for recipes/instructions: