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Subscription vs Registration:

We love having new members join our community of sustainability-minded people! And we welcome your participation at our gatherings and events, as well as adding comments to, or writing posts for our blog, The EssentiaList.

Subscription means that you are added to our email list, and will receive our newsletters (digests) in your email box. Digests include:

  • ESP and other event notices pertinent to our mission;
  • ESP Gathering Summaries;
  • The EssentiaList handouts/flyers;
  • Posts on various subjects of interest authored by members of our ESP community.

Registration means you receive a login ID and password, which allows you to add comments to a post without having to add your name and email address for each comment. It can also allow you to write posts for our blog.

See below for instructions for both of these options.

Subscribe to our blog:

To subscribe: send an email to Catherine (Cat) on our Contact page, requesting to be added to our email list. Or sign up at one of our gatherings.

Upon successful registration, you will receive a Welcome email, and a copy of the most recent newsletter

Thereafter, you will receive our EssentiaList newsletter in your email inbox, whenever we have 4 – 5 new posts to make an email digest, or when there is an event notice that can’t wait until we have enough posts for a digest.

Please refer friends and family to our blog as well! (

To unsubscribe: send an email to go to Catherine (Cat) on our Contact page, requesting to be removed from our email list. It helps if you put “unsubscribe” in the subject line of the email. You do not need to provide explanation of why you no longer want to be on our mail list, but if you care to share the reason, it will help us improve our service.

Note:  people already on the ESP email list are already subscribed.

Register as a User on our blog:

You can be registered as a user on our blog, which allows you to read and comment upon posts.  See Adding a New User (Instructions); this includes instructions for changing your password.

If you wish to be registered as an “author,” so that you can author posts, that is also possible; just let us know in your request.

We have disabled the ability to self-register as a user, because we were getting bogus (spam) users registering on our site.  But you can still be registered; simply send an email request to Catherine or Edd (see Contact page).

Note:  you do NOT have to be registered to add comments to posts.

Mailman subscription

We are not currently using this automated subscription. Therefore, the following does not yet apply.

To subscribe, go to: Subscribe to ESP email List [Link currently disabled to the he automated Mailman ListInfo page, as the digests are created manually]

To Login, go to: Mailman Options page.  If you’ve forgotten your password, you can request one be sent to your email address.

To unsubscribe, login (see above), then go to the Mailman Options page and click on “unsubscribe.”  OR send email request to Catherine (see Contact page)

To edit your subscription options, including changing your password,  login (see above).  The go to the Mailman ListInfo page.  Catherine cannot do this for you unless she logs in as you (will need your password).

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