Posting Rules, Instructions

New Author or User

First, you need to be added as an author-user for our site.

Contact Cat(at)essentialstuff(dot)org to be added.  Please refer to pdf file for more on this process:  New User Instructions

Adding or Editing a Post

Once you have been added as an author-user, you can begin to make posts.  For instructions on using the Word Press software for our blog, please refer to pdf file : Add/Edit Post Intructions (pdf file, with screen shots).

NOTE:  The screen shots are a bit fuzzy after the blog software compressed the file. If you cannot read them, contact Cat(at)essentialstuff(dot)org, to send you the uncompressed file. (Not advised if you have a dial-up connection, as the file is quite large at 1.1 MB).

You can also find more tips and instructions on the WordPress Codex:

Rules for Posting on The EssentiaList

Please be aware of certain rules:

  1. Save your post as a draft, copy the draft url, and email it to Cat or Edd for approval (see our Contact Page for contact information). alternately, write your post in Word, save the file and send it to us as an attachment to your email.
  2. Your post may be edited for spelling and grammar. We will get your approval for any editing of content (other than to conform to our rules).
  3. Be respectful of our ESP community. No swearing or use of obscene language. Posts that violate this rule will be deleted or edited to remove the offensive language.
  4. Our Mission includes providing information and food for thought. Please keep politics and activism to a minimum. We want all members of our community to feel welcome on our site.
  5. No advertisements other than “Free Stuff” (This is a post category).
  6. Be respectful of implied or specific copyright on creative material including photos, graphics and other images, videos, and original writing. Always give credit to your source and get permission to copy anothers’ work. [NOTE: this is not necessary if merely creating a link to anothers’ web page or blog post].

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