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Bamboo-Frame Bicycles – an Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

by Catherine Haug

Last week, National Public Radio featured a piece on hand made bamboo bikes:  Do It Yourself: Building Your Own Bamboo Bike. This story featured the Bamboo Bike Studio, who offer classes and workshops. They also champion the creation of small businesses in developing countries, to make these inexpensive bikes out of sustainable bamboo.

But anyone can make and use these bikes, not just those who live in developing countries. All you need are wheels, gears and pedals, bamboo for the frame, and materials to join the bamboo.

Unlike working with steel and other common bike materials, bamboo is a natural material that requires only woodworking skills that one can master in a weekend! (more…)

Gathering Summary: Bike Repair & Maintenance, August 26, 2009

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

by Catherine Haug

Presenters: Peter Hall and Cameron Clayton of Mountain Mike’s Bikes in Bigfork ( In addition to maintaining their own rental bikes, they also do repairs on others’ bikes. They sometimes sell their used bikes at the end of the season, but may not do so this year.

Topics covered:

  • General Cleaning and Maintenance: includes Chain Maintenance, Gear and Derailer Maintenance, Brakes, and Repair when on the Road.
  • Changing a Tire
  • Bike Tool Kt
  • Positioning a Bike Seat
  • Carrying Cargo

See Gathering Summary: Bikes and Bike Maintenance for a printable pdf  version of this summary. (more…)