Gathering Summary: Peaceful Gardens, March 24, 2010

Dome in Snow

Summary by Catherine Haug

updated 3/31/10 to add Paul’s photos; 4/18 to add link to coverage by Daily Interlake

Peaceful Gardens, a Cooperative Year-Round Food Production System, presented by Paul Renner.

The following is a short outline of the event. For the complete gathering summary, including photos and links to websites offering online educational videos for many steps in the process, see our pdf file:

Gathering Summary: Peaceful Gardens

See also April 18, 2010 article in Daily InterLake: At Peaceful Gardens, it’s always Growing Season, by Candace Chase

Presentation Outline

Paul began with an introduction that included the following topics:

  • Tackling Chronic Illness – Paul’s Personal Story
  • A Quest for Truly Locally-Produced Organic Food

Paul and Sam Inside Dome

This was followed by a slide presentation, that included:

  • Project concept
  • Photos & description of site construction, including geo-dome* greenhouse, root cellar, and turning his garage into a seed starting shed
  • Photos & description of first planning
  • Future plans
  • Requirements for joining the co-op
  • Turnkey teaching program

The presentation concluded with a Q&A session, followed by indulgence in Stephanie’s Mayan Chocolate Cake for dessert.

*NOTE: We can thank Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller for improving and popularizing the geodesic dome. (3) For more about his art, see Artsy: R. Buckminster Fuller (9).

Flip Videos & Photos of the Event

Flip video still-shots from the event, by Sally Janover:

Files and Resources

For the complete gathering summary, see our pdf file:

Gathering Summary: Peaceful Gardens


  • The Winter harvest Handbook – Year-Round Vegetable Production using Deep-Organic Techniques and Unheated Greenhouses, by Eliot Coleman, Chelsea Green Publishing, March 2009 (see for sneak-peak inside the book)


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  2. Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Patagonia
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  5. Extreme Bokashi: Make Your Own Innoculant
  6. YouTube Video: How to Make Bokashi (6 minutes)
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