Local Food Production in Montana

by Catherine Haug, from Cedron Jones of Montanans for Corporate Accountability (MCA)

A four-part series on Local Food Production in Montana, presented at Carroll College in Helena (January – March 2010) completed recently. Below are links to articles concerning topics discussed at these events, provided by event participants.

On Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

Pig Business: Who Owns Your Food Owns You, (by Kurt Michael Friese on grist.org) including a YouTube video of a film trailer for Pig Business. This article is about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and their impacts here and abroad:  (from Ann Wilsnack)

A Letter to President-Elect Barack Obama, by Michael Pollan

Farmer in Chief (reprinted from the NY Times) provides a good overview of the issues and what the federal government could do.  (from Jill Davies) [NOTE: if the above link doesn’t work, you can download this letter as a Word file at www.bitterrootvalleyfood.info/M Pollan ltr to President 10.12.08.doc]

Sustainable Living Systems and Local Food Production Systems

Jill Davies’ website: www.sustainablelivingsystems.org: “Sustainable Living Systems is a non-profit organization. … [whose] primary focus is to build a Local Food System.” Includes many links to relevant info. Contact Jill to be added to her e-news list: rivercare(at)blackfoot.net (email address disguised). (from Cedron Jones)

The Story of Bottled Water

Finally, before you grab a bottle of water to wash down that local food, watch this short video (from the Story of Stuff website): The Story of Bottled Water. (from Cedron Jones)

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