Earth Hour: March 27, 2010

by Catherine Haug

updated 3/25/10 with link on 7 Things to do in the Dark (sent by Sally J)

Once again it is time to observe Earth Hour, this coming Saturday March 27, 1010 beginning at 8:30 PM (local time). Montana is one of 26 states that have officially pledged to observe earth hour. From the World Wildlife Fund:

During Earth Hour, … hundreds of millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour as a call to action on climate change. From Mongolia to Argentina, the Arctic to Antarctica, from the Cook Islands to Russia and across the United States, lights at homes, businesses, government buildings and iconic landmarks will dim, making the switch toward creating a cleaner, safer and more secure future.

During this hour, turn off all your lights, TV, and anything else that provides light by electric power, including yard lights. Light candles, oil lamps, etc. and enjoy the company of your family; go outside and observe the beautiful night sky without the interference of electrical lighting; or simply sit in darkness and meditate.

To learn more or get involved: see World Wildlife Fund: Earth Hour 2010 or the My Earth Hour site.

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