Gathering Summary: Raising Chickens & Rabbits, Feb 24, 2010, 040812 update

by Catherine Haug

Record of Updates

  • March 11 – 13, 2010: add link to Raising Rabbits pdf file; add link to ‘How to Dress (Butcher) a Rabbit’ (flip video)
  • June 3, 2010: add link to Grow Montana’s Mobile Poultry Unit (MPU) e-Book Guide to Butchering: Slaughtering Guide
  • April 8, 2012: ‘How to Dress a Rabbit’ videos moved to YouTube (links provided)

Chickens at feed

This event included a panel of local “experts” on raising chickens and rabbits:

  • Nick and BrendaLee S.
  • Shelli R
  • Julie V
  • Keith B

but there were many more experts in the audience as well. (Photo by Keith B.)

Complete Gathering Summaries

The complete gathering summary is divided into two printable pdf files:

Below is just a listing of topics discussed.

Photos included in the gathering summary (here and in pdf file):

  • Sally J took several flip videos (links to view these are included below).
  • Keith and Shelli brought photos of their chickens
  • Nick and Brenda Lee sent photos of their rabbits and cages, post event.

"Rooster," Keith's rooster

Chicken topics discussed:

Photo by Keith B.

See Gathering Summary: Raising Chickens for complete summary (pdf)

  • Local regulations
  • Baby chicks
  • Breeds of chickens
  • Housing for chickens
  • Basic needs
  • Feed
  • Lighting and heat lamps
  • Winter care
  • Washing eggs
  • Butchering of chickens
  • Predators

See also:

"Nudge," a Black Otter Rex Doe

Rabbit topics discussed:

Photo by Nick & Brenda Lee S.

See Gathering Summary: Raising Rabbits for complete summary (pdf).

  • Rabbits vs chickens for meat
  • Breeds
  • Breeding and care of kits
  • Problems of line breeding
  • Weaning
  • Feed
  • Cages
  • Health and other issues
  • Butchering

See also (from Nick & BrendaLee):


Philosophy of ESPEdd B. opens with philosophy of ESP (3:04) by Sally J.

Dressing a rabbit:

The original Flip video made by the Nick & BrendaLee is no longer available on the Flip video-sharing site. However, it is now available on YouTube in 4 parts. Note that you cannot find these videos by searching YouTube because it is ‘unlisted’ (so children won’t find it and get upset about ‘fluffy’). But you should be able to open these from the links. If you have trouble opening the video, please contact Cat.

How to Dress a Rabbit (Basic Home-Butchering of Rabbits) in 4 parts. View in order: Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 

[Original, no longer available: How to Dress a Rabbit (Basic Butchering of Rabbits) (19:18) by Nick & BrendaLee S.]

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