Glass Recycling/Repurpose Fundraising Opportunity

By Cat, Sept 14, 2019

For almost a year, we have not been able to recycle our used glass. But that’s about to change.  On Saturday, September 28, 10 AM to 6 PM, we can bring our glass (cleaned and sorted by color) to Flathead Recon on Columbia Falls. Recommended donations are between 20 and 25 cents per pound; 20% of the donations will be donated to Flathead Recon, and 80% to a nonprofit – Powdered Soul – that “creates volunteering and entrepreneurship opportunities for kids during the summer to help them pay for their winter sports activities.” (1) Read on for my notes.

The owner, Dave Fischlowitz, purchased the old glass-pulverizer from the original owner of New World Recycling. The pulverized glass are used by landscapers as an alternative to mulch, by concrete finishers and road builders, or can be used instead of fine gravel for pathways, etc.. If you are interested, call to make an appointment to purchase the processed glass product.

Flathead Recon doesn’t have the capacity for curbside pickup, but hopes to hold more recycling fundraisers with area nonprofits, and has provided collection at select events, such as this summer’s Under the Big Sky Festival.

Check it out!


  1. Daily InterLake article in 9/10/2019 issue by Reporter Mackenzie
  2. pdf version of the article (saved on this site): GlassRecyclingFundraiser-DIL2019.

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