Canning: Problems with the new Ball canning lids

By Catherine Haug, October 27, 2017

Have you noticed that Ball canning lids have changed? They have a new name, ” Sure Tight,”  and have a silver rather than gold color. The packaging states “BPA-Free,” and states they will hold their seal for 18 months. Ball states these new “Sure Tight” lids will replace all prior lids, but you can still buy the old-style lids while stock is still available.

The new lids feature (1):

  • Doubling of the tinplate coating;
  • Additional rust resistance;
  • A storage life for unused lids for up to five years from purchase;
  • A new guarantee of a seal that would last up to 18 months.

But there are reported problems with these new lids.

Several weeks ago, Linda Peterson sent a warning about these new lids and their new 18-month seal jar policy.

You CANNOT sterilize the new lids – if you do, they will not seal. So use them only once, then toss them. They only hold their seal 18 months (the older lids held a seal much longer).

Another reported problem is that the new lids don’t ‘pop’ when they seal; could this mean the seal is not as good as with the old ones that pop? Some people report the lids do not hold their seal, not even for 12 months required by the USDA.

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