Want to comment on an article?

by Catherine Haug, Dec 13, 2013

We get a LOT of spam comments on our blog articles (in the hundreds, daily), and that is getting very annoying because I have to review each one and decide if it is a valid comment or spam. We do have software that does a lot of that work for me (Akismet), but lately it has missed much of the spam.

What is spam? It is nonsense comment text, or lots of urls that have nothing to do with the article. People get paid to do this, to get our readers to check out the links. Often the links are pornographic or otherwise unacceptable within the bounds of our mission.

Until I can resolve the problem, I have disabled the comment feature of our website.

If you wish to comment on an article, please send it to me in an email and I will post it. Send to cat (at) essentialstuff (dot) org. [ address disguised for security].

Thank you for your understanding.

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