GMO Apple: Comment to USDA by Dec 16, 2013



by Catherine Haug, Dec 12, 2013 (image, right, used by permission from the OCA)

DEADLINE DECEMBER 16: Tell the USDA You Don’t Want a GMO Apple!

You’ve probably heard about the latest GMO food seeking approval from the government. This apple has been genetically modified to prevent browning when the apple is peeled or cut.


Don’t these people know about soaking the cut apple in water with lemon juice added, to prevent browning? Browning of the apple flesh is a natural reaction when an enzyme in the apple cell is exposed to oxygen in the air, when the cell wall is penetrated by the knife. This browning has proved to be of no harm to humans for eons. Unlike the GMO aspect which most certainly will have a health risk.

And there’s the rub….

You see, the government agency responsible for giving the green or red light is the USDA – and they don’t take human health into consideration, only the health of the plant – the apple tree in this case. Normally, the FDA is the approval agency, as they have oversight on health issues.

If you want to have your say about this GMO apple, you have until Dec 16, 2013 to submit your comments to the USDA. You might also consider commenting to President Obama, about the oversight issue.

The Organic Consumer’s Association (OCA) has a website for making comments to the USDA: DEADLINE DECEMBER 16: Tell the USDA You Don’t Want a GMO Apple!. If you want to comment to the President or White House, see the Government (Contact) page on this website.


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