GMOs – The Tipping Point Network (TPN) Informational Flyer


by Catherine Haug, February 2, 2013

(image, right, used by permission from Organic Consumers Association)

Don’t know what GMO is and why you should be concerned? See my earlier posts:

Or see Institute for Responsible Technology, or their Tipping Point Network. See also flyer GMO Tipping Point Montana Contact Flyer-3 (pdf)

Right now, GMO is not required on labels, so it’s not so easy to spot these foods. The key is knowing what else to look for on the label that hints at GMOs. For example, any processed food (boxed, canned, etc.)  containing corn, soy or canola ingredients is highly likely to contain GMO. To learn more, see the Non-GMO Shopping Guide (pdf).

But the sure way to know when a food contains GMO, is to require it on the label. If you are in favor of mandatory labeling of any food containing GMO ingredients, listen-up. ESP is working on a future event to educate people about GMOs and their harm, and about the GMO-Labeling effort. It’s also about how to increase awareness in our own community about the harm of GMO foods. Meanwhile, you can help.

Last month, a group of Montanans got together to launch a GMO-Awareness effort across our state, as part of  The Tipping Point Network. TPN aims to get enough states to require labeling of GMO, that our federal legislature will have to follow suit. And that requires enough people to understand the issue, and to get an initiative on the ballot – or otherwise to pressure the state legislature into passing such a law.

We now have a flyer providing contact information for the Montana TPN group, and contact info so people can learn more about GMOs. Print the flyer GMO Tipping Point Montana Contact Flyer-3 (pdf), then post it in your neighborhood, at your church or community center, or at favorite businesses in the valley (with their permission).

Help yourself and your family too; print out the Non-GMO Shopping Guide (pdf) which can help you to avoid GMO foods.

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