Event Notice: Cider Press at Tamarack Time! October 13, 2012

Janet pushing apples through grinder

by Catherine Haug

Once gain, ESP will have a cider press available during Tamarack Time! on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Who: All are welcome, and it’s FREE. You don’t need to buy the Tamarack Time ticket to get your apples pressed. However, donations to ESP are welcome, to help support our activities during the year.

What: Bring your rinsed apples and jars or bottles. 1 bushel of apples (48 pounds) makes about 3 gallons of cider, according to Jeffrey. Please bring extra bottles/jars, if you have them.

No groundfall, please (County requirement).

Helpful Handouts:

Check out  photos and more:

When: Saturday, October 13, 2012 from about 11 AM until all the apples are pressed. (Date IS confirmed)

Where: The deck of Mosaic (formerly La Provence), 408 Bridge St. in Bigfork

Jeffrey & Betsey Funk

We need volunteers

Come help with washing, grinding, pressing and bottling; it’s tons of fun! For more information or to volunteer, contact:

  • Cat(at)essentialstuff.org or 837-4577; or
  • Edd(at)essentialstuff.org or 837-5196.

Check out the Gathering Summary: Cider Press 2009 to read about all the fun from last year, with photos, or for cider recipes.

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