Montana Co-op seeking new member-owners

by Catherine Haug, August 10, 2012

ESP’s July gathering was a presentation by Jason Moore about the Montana Co-op – A Virtual Farmers Market that promotes buying local food and Montana-made products through online access. While the Co-op is not yet ready for business, they are presently working on their on-line store/website and raising capital through new memberships and grants.  They hope to be up and running before the end of the year.

The Co-op’s intent is to provide access to fresh, local, affordable food – and Montana made products – to everyone in western Montana. Eventually they hope to encompass the entire state. But they cannot do this without member-owners who join now.

This project is about:

  • Montana people/businesses working with each other to improve the local economy and bring Montana products to Montana people;
  • Building a strong local and Montana community;
  • Creating Montana jobs; and
  • Feeding people and ensuring a sustainable food supply for all Montanans.

All of these points are consistent with ESP’s mission of building community and living sustainably. Read on for information on how to join, if this interests you.

How to Join the Co-op

If you are interested in supporting this co-op, please send an email to and say “yes” to becoming an equal member-owner of the Montana Co-op.  The commitment is $20 for a lifetime membership (one share, one vote) and the money is not required until the coop opens for business. For more information, you can email or call 406-285-1149.

See also Montana Co-op Member-Owner Form (pdf).

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