GMOs: Government People who Worked for Monsanto

by Catherine Haug, February 15, 2012

One of the reasons it is so hard to get our government to stop the expansion of approved GMO crops, or even to label foods containing GMO ingredients, is because so many of our government officials are former counsel to, or employees/executives of Monsanto. That’s like the fox protecting the hen house….

Now there’s a very revealing diagram that shows these relationships. I know the print is small, but it comes with a magnifying glass icon that allows you to make the print bigger. Go to: GMO Relationships: Monsanto to Federal Government to see the diagram.

Go to the Just Label It campaign to sign the petition, if this issue is important to you. This link is also on our home page in the right hand column under “GMO”

One Response to “GMOs: Government People who Worked for Monsanto”

  1. Dawn says:

    As consumers, we need to be persistant… and extremely vocal about what we want. Here are 2 great links and

    Recently Food and Water Watch requested that we all call Walmart to let them know that we want to keep Monsanto’s GE sweet corn out of our stores. Walmart is listening after being bombarded with over 3000 calls.