Organics from China

by Catherine Haug

Have you seen the 5 minute video from ABC I-Team on Organic frozen food from China, sold at Whole Foods Markets? This includes foods such as spinach, sugar snap peas, and California Blend veggies. If you haven’t seen this, you might want to check it out.

Now, we don’t (yet) have a Whole Foods Market in the Flathead, but see below for other stores in our area that do carry “Product of China” Organic frozen foods.

NOTE: the YouTube video indicates that since this report first aired, WFs’ ‘California Blend’ is now USA organic. But what about their other frozen veggies?

What’s the problem with Organics from China?

I recommend you watch the video to find out. However, the main point made is that our USDA and FDA do not have organic certification officials in China. Instead, they use private inspectors, who in turn may hire Chinese contractors to do the certification, and they are NOT necessarily reliable.

One researcher found some Organic foods from China to be contaminated with filth, pesticides and other chemicals, etc..

So, buyer beware!

Your best bet is to grow your own, or buy locally from growers you know or whose facilities you can inspect. You simply cannot trust labeling.

What you can do

Next time you are in a grocery store, go to the frozen organics section: check the back of bags of frozen fruits and veggies to see where the product is from. If you spot some from China:

  1. Add a comment to this post (or send me an email) as to what you found and where, and I’ll add it to the list below. [cat(at); email disguised for security];
  2. Speak to the store manager about your concerns over Organics from China, and give the manager a copy of the link to the video – consider preprinting a bunch on business cards: Or provide to search “Organic China” or “Whole Foods Organic China” for a list of videos on this topic.

Organics from China in Flathead Stores

Jean H. is doing her own investigation of local stores. When she spots such products, she will give the department or store manager a copy of the link to the video, and send me the info. I’ll update this list as more are discovered, by Jean or other members of our community.

The following all indicate “Product of China” on the back of the package:

  • Smith’s in Kalispell: Frozen Organic Edamame
  • Rosauers’ Huckleberry Section, Kalispell: Frozen Organic Edamame and Frozen Organic Mixed Peppers

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