Online documentary-series: GMOs Revealed


By Catherine Haug, March 17, 2018, and updated same date, for the start date of the series (Image, right, used by permission from the Organic Consumer’s Association)

This new 9-part series, hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, will be available for free viewing beginning today, March 17, 2018  The first episode (almost 2 hours long) is available now (the version on YouTube (1) says Aug 22-30, but that was in 2017). They must be doing a replay now, or this could be an updated version . This first episode features interviews with Dr. Zach Bush, Vani Hari, and Gunnar Lovelace.

You can register (2) to watch the entire 9-part series, GMOs Revealed, for free, prior to the  date the series premier begins, and also any day during the 9-days (but you may not be able to see prior days’ episodes). Each day, a new episode is up for 24 hours and the previous day’s episode is no longer available, for a total of 9 episodes in 9 days. See reference 2 for the link to register for this free showing.

I’ve watched several of these health docu-series. The way they work is that during the free premier days, you can purchase the series at a reduced rate; there are typically several purchase options including free downloads of the mp4 video files and pdf transcripts for the least cost (typically under $100), or DVD discs and/or thumb-drives for more cost. After the free showing, the price goes up. Some of the series provide a free “replay weekend” during which you can catch up on episodes you missed, but note that is not a given.

I have found all of these series to be full of valuable information, but it is very hard to work all of them into your schedule. Each episode can be between 30 and 120 minutes long! 60 minutes per episode is most typical. Most also offer “closed caption” (CC) option in case you are hard of hearing or the speaker talks too fast to catch it all.

I learned about this series from Dr. Mercola’s website (3). He notes you can support the legal/political fight against GMOs by donating to the Organic Consumers Association (OCA).


  1. YouTube Episode 1:
  2. Register for series at
  3. Mercola, about the series:


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