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Milk Jug Hot Caps

By Catherine Haug, Feb 3, 2018; image right, from Gardening Hacks article (1)

I happened upon an interesting blog article: 19 Gardening Hacks to Become a Pro Gardener (1). Several of the hacks involve repurposing household items that would otherwise  be trash/compost. Here’s a list of the 19; check out the article for more detail on each.

The list:

  1. How to make homemade seed tape
  2. Milk Jug Hot Caps (repurposing plastic milk jugs)
  3. Repellant plants (to repel insects)
  4. Citrus rind planters (repurposing)
  5. Eggshell planters (repurposing, composting)
  6. Tarp travois (this is one I’ve used over the years to drag heavy items like bags of fertilizer to my garden)
  7. Buried watering bottle  (repurposing plastic milk jugs)
  8. Melon hammocks to support heavy melons
  9. Easy cleaning for tools
  10. Coffee filter drainage covers (in planting pots)
  11. Newspaper mulch (repurposing, composting)
  12. Strawberries from milk crates (repurposing)
  13. Cinderblock raised bed
  14. Durable plant markers (repurposing)
  15. Sketch a garden plot
  16. Roses from cuttings
  17. Tomato plants from slices
  18. Tool handle measuring stick
  19. Deadheading
  1. 19 hacks article:

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