Arcadia Power: is it really better than FEC?

By Catherine Haug, Dec 30, 2017

In 2016 I published a couple posts in response to a mailing from Arcadia Power to all FEC customers: About Arcadia Power’s mailing to all FEC customers and Energy cost savings programs and income tax credits, 2016 that include insightful information from Don Newton and David Bopp at FEC. (NOTE: those 2016 income tax credits may no longer apply in 2018).

Now Arcadia is also paying politically-involved media to send email advertisements, such as the excerpt, below, from a Daily Kos email. I would be cautious about signing up for Arcadia’s offer.

I contacted FEC for any changes to the original information. Both Don and David say the only thing that has changed is on the posting about energy cost saving programs and income tax credits post: the only federal credit currently available is the solar credit; see All state credits are still valid.

For more about this Arcadia offer, read on.

The following is an excerpt from the Daily Kos email advertisement:

Every time we turn on the lights, most of us are directly funding fossil fuel production, and the corrupt dirty energy companies behind it. The good news: with our partner Arcadia Power, you can enroll your utility account to clean, renewable energy. Forget waiting for legislation, you can do this right now. 

Paid for by Arcadia

Daily Kos, PO Box 70036, Oakland, CA, 94612

In 2016, I contacted Don Newton with several questions about Arcadia and their claims. To my question, “What are your thoughts about this program,” Don replied:

“Arcadia provides a bill pay service with green tags and is a slick marketing program to take advantage of good people wanting to do good things. After you read the fine print on their web site it is clear they do not purchase wind power and deliver it to your home.

Our members can do better by taking a look at our existing programs and pay their bill on their own.”

The following is my summary of Don’s lengthy response to my question “Is this offer from Arcadia legit?”

Arcadia Power is a legitimate company. … Their bill to you includes the amount of your FEC bill plus fees for the green tags they use to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from a wind farm.

FEC will still supply the power and maintain their power grid.

Your relationship with FEC remains the same except for the changes in the bill delivery.

The power you get from FEC comes from a broad power portfolio including hydro-electric, nuclear, wind, biomass, solar, etc. And that will not change even if all FEC members sign up with Arcadia.

Electricity is simply the flow of electrons, and FEC cannot tell exactly where each electron is generated, that is ultimately delivered to your home. However, since there are three large hydroelectric dams nearby, one can assume FEC’s power is predominately hydro-generated.

Don also states, ” It is physically impossible for Arcadia to deliver wind energy to you unless they are going to install transmission lines to your home. In general, electrical energy flows from sources to loads; and electrons cannot be herded.”

FEC also offers Green Programs that will accomplish the same as the Arcadia offer and much more. Don  provided more information and links (see my 2016 post under FEC Green Programs for those links).

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