Summer Classes and more, with Kathie Lapcevic

Veggie Landscape Garden

by Catherine Haug, July 6, 2017 (Photo, right, from Dr. Mercola’s website (3))

Kathie is offering a home-canning class at FVCC, and something new: an e-course on ‘Savoring Summer Fun. Read on for more details from Kathie’s newsletter.

Also included in this post are the following from Kathie:

  • Useful Plants in the Flathead in July: chickweed, red clover, white clover, and yarrow;
  • Local Preserving Information: Beets, cherries, berries and zucchini

and from Mercola, on growing broccoli, and growing cilantro.

July Canning Class at FVCC

There is still room in the Modern Home Canning Class at Flathead Valley Community College this month. This is the class to take to learn everything you need to know to can foods safely in your home kitchen. We cover water bath and pressure canning and you leave the class having canned items yourself.
To register and find out more details visit the FVCC sign-up website (1). The cost for this class is $63; duration: 6 hours (2 nights, 3 hours each night)
FVCC is located at: 777 Grandview Dr, Kalispell, MT 59901
FVCC Phone: (406) 756-3822 << call them if the sign-up link is not working

Savoring Summer E-Course

Kathie is offering a “Savoring Summer E-Course” (2) starting next week (July 10, 2017). An e-course is much different than the in-person classes many of you have taken from her in the past, but they are tons of fun and offer you the opportunity to check out some new projects and work at home at your own pace. The cost for this class is $47.
She’s looking forward to having you join her and students from all over the country in the course next week. Here’s a short list of what this e-course includes:
  • Get help and guidance for setting realistic intentions
  • Recipes for seasonal eats & drinks
  • Tips to enjoy nature and embracing rest at home
  • Projects for herbal healing and body products
  • Preserving the summer for the next seasons

Useful Medicinal Plants in the Flathead in July

Kathie writes, “Many of you have asked about making the most of useful plants and sees for herbal remedies Here are a couple links for things currently in bloom throughout the Flathead [see references, below, for the links to Kathie’s blog]:

  • Chickweed (4) makes a great pesto and can help relieve itchy skin when used topically.
  • Red Clover (5) is a great tea for hot flashes and can be used externally for soothing relief to dry skin and lips.
  • Yarrow (6)  – Use this to stop bleeding, reduce swelling, aid digestion & more.
  • White Clover (7)  – Both edible and medicinal and likely everywhere you look.

Don’t forget that many of the herbs growing in your culinary herb garden have numerous healing applications as well.”

Local Preserving Inspiration

Wondering what to do with your garden harvests and abundant local produce. Here are a few ideas to get you started [see references, below, for the links to Kathie’s blog]:

  • 5 Ways to Preserve Beets (8)
  • Brandied Cherry Berry Preserves (9)
  • Preserving Sweet Cherries (10)
  • Preserving Zucchini  (11)
Don’t forget that many of the herbs growing in your culinary herb garden have numerous healing applications as well.
Dr Mercola had a couple summer-garden postings that might be of interest to you:
  • What to Know Before Growing Broccoli (12)
  • Grow Great Cilantro (13)


  1. Sign-up for Kathie’s FVCC class (Note: as of the time I published this, the FVCC site was down; Kathie has notified them. Meanwhile, keep trying, or give them a call at (406) 756-3822)
  2. Sign up for Savoring Summer E-Course
  3. Mercola: garden photo,
  4. Chickweed link:
  5. Red Clover link:
  6. Yarrow link:
  7. White Clover link:
  8. Preserving Beets:
  9. Brandied Cherry Berry
  10. Preserving Cherries:
  11. Preserving Zucchini:
  12. Mercola on Broccoli:
  13. Mercola on cilantro:

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