Regeneration: How to Feed the World and Cool the Planet

Dryland Farming – Palouse Hills

By Catherine Haug, May 3, 2017 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve written several articles in the last year about Regeneration – an Organic method of healing our soils for better quality food production, and to reduce the damage caused by severe erosion. (see also list at bottom of this posting). But did you know that it can also help to resolve the climate crisis?

Regeneration International (RI) brought this important message to the People’s Climate March in Washington, D.C. on April 3, 2017:

The climate crisis won’t be solved through emissions reduction alone. If we want to reverse climate change, we must also regenerate the world’s soils and better manage local water cycles. … These experts explain how our ability to feed the world and cool the planet depends on how we care for the soil.

Read on to see the short videos from the January 11, 2017 summit, “How to Feed the World and Cool the Planet: Soil Is the Solution” I also include an hour-long video from Fair World Project, “Grow Ahead,” and a list of other articles on this site about regeneration of our soils.

How to Feed the World and Cool the Planet: Soil Is the Solution video series

If you go to the Will Allen video (below), after his video has played it should automatically go to the next short video in the sequence. On that YouTube page, each video heading is to the right of Will’s video screen, where you can select them individually. In case that doesn’t work, I’ve included separate links for each of the other videos (except two I cannot find).

Will Allen (Cedar Circle Farm, Regeneration Vermont), 10 min:

Peter Donovan (Soil Carbon Coalition), 24 minutes:

Diana Donlon (Center for Food Safety), 9 minutes

Alexis Baden-Mayer (Organic Consumers Association and Regeneration International), 4 minutes

Sorry, I can’t find this independent link

Judith Schwartz (Cows Save the Planet), 9 minutes

David Smith (Deputy Chief for Soil Science and Resource Assessment, Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture)

There’s an error with this video; it automatically moved on to the next one after 1 second

Dr. Kris Nichols (Rodale Institute), 12 minutes

Kristin Ohlson  (author, The Soil Will Save Us), 8 min

Fair World Project’s “Grow Ahead” video

Grow Ahead is an online lending and funding program that connects individuals and organizations directly to family farmer organizations. By lending through and contributing through Grow Ahead, consumers and organizations will be able to support the agroecological solutions and farmer-led trainings that have a proven track record of success in farming communities. This video is 1 hour, 23 minutes long:

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  1. How to Feed the World and Cool the Planet video series:
  2. Will Allen (see above link)
  3. Peter Donovan video:
  4. Diana Donlon video:
  5. Alexis Baden-Mayer video: no direct link available
  6. Judith Schwartz video:
  7. David Smith video: no direct link available
  8. Dr. Kris Nichols
  9. Kristin Ohlson video:
  10. Grow Ahead video:

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