New GMO Label from Campbells

CampbellsGMO labelBy Catherine Haug, May 31, 2016 (Image, right and below, from Twitter (1))

As Big Food prepares for Vermont’s GMO Labeling law to take effect in July of this year, GMO labels are beginning to appear on processed foods. The image, right, and larger version below, is the back label on a can of Campbell’s Spaghettios (1). Note the “What’s in my Food” image just to the right of the GMO information, and the url for, which are part of Campbell’s campaign for transparency.

Big AG (Monsanto, are in a panic, and are once again planning to introduce a new Senate version of the DARK Act. (The actual but mis-leading name  is “Safe and Accurate Labeling Act;” it would allow voluntary labeling with QR codes that would require a smartphone to read; see my earlier post: ‘QR code’ to label GMO foods? for more).

If you want mandatory GMO labeling (not voluntary QR codes), watch the video (below), then contact your Senators; see Government (Contact). Here’s contact info for our MT Senators:

New GMO Label from Campbell’s

See short 40 second video below the label image.

The label reads: “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering,” just below the list of ingredients. I’ve checked several of their canned products at Bigfork Harvest Foods, and none of them so far have the new label. But we should start seeing them soon, as old stock sells out and is replaced with new, labeled stock.

CampbellsGMO label


Video: “Tell Congress: Label it. Don’t hide it.” This cute but informative video is only 40 seconds long and worth the watch.


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