Reduce plastic use: make-your-own produce bags



By Catherine Haug, May 2, 2016 (photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons)

I hate using throw-away plastic bags at the grocery store. I bring my own fabric bags for my groceries and keep a few used plastic bags inside for my produce; in this way I reduce plastic use. But still, my fresh Organic produce is exposed to the toxins in the plastic (and reusing the bags only increases that exposure, as use causes more toxins to be given off).

I have thought about making my own bags, but just never get around to it. See Wellness Mamma (1) for instructions on making the bags. And read on for my additional ideas.

I would use cotton muslin – just about the least expensive fabric you can get – and then wash it when I get home. When I can find it, I would use Organic cotton muslin.

At home, I would make a bag about the same size as the plastic produce bags, and a green or yellow draw-string on bags intended for Organic produce (white draw-string for non-organic), so the checkout person can tell which is which. Or, if I’m not feeling lazy, I would embroider the word ‘Organic’ on the appropriate bags.

I would also make smaller bags for bulk items like nuts and seeds (unless I need a huge amount).

See Wellness Mamma (1) for instructions on making the bags.



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