More Big Food companies pledge to label GMOs



By Catherine Haug, March, 2016 (Image, right, used with permission from the Organic Consumers Association (2))

Despite efforts by congress to pass the DARK act (Deny Americans the Right to Know), which would stop Vermont from implementing their mandatory labeling law and prevent other states from following in their steps, Big Food is moving away from their opposition to labeling, with intent to begin labeling products that contain GMOs. First it was Campbell’s (see A win in the GMO battle: Campbell’s will voluntarily label GMOs), and now General Mills, Kellogg’s and Mars are following suit.

One of Big Food’s arguments against labeling has been that the cost would be prohibitive and would be passed on to the consumers. However, those companies that have crossed the battle line with their intent to label GMOS, admit “that the new GMO labels won’t lead to any price increases for consumers.” (1)

If you wish to thank these companies for their change of heart, and urge others to follow suit, sign the petition (see reference 2, below, for link.


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