The harm of washing chicken

Chickens at feed

Chickens at feed

By Cat, May 30.2015 (Photo, right, by Keith Blaylock)

This must be my month to pick on chicken. See also: Would you eat this chicken?

Many people wash or at least rinse raw chicken before preparing it, thinking they are making it safer to consume. However this practice is not only messy, but also dangerous. The force of the water from the faucet actually causes bacteria, etc. on the surface of the chicken to get sprayed onto your counter, your clothing and anything else within range.

Instead, the heat of cooking will destroy any bacteria on the chicken’s surface and also embedded in the meat. Read on for informative video, and information on brining poultry.

Brining chicken is a good practice for several reasons: It adds flavor to the meat; helps the meat retain moisture when cooked; and keeps bad bacteria in-check, because the salt creates an unfriendly environment for the bad bugs. However, take care when adding the bird to the salty water bath. Don’t let it splash, and be sure to wash your hands with real soap after handling the bird. (Real bar soap is naturally antibiotic, unlike most liquid soaps which may actually encourage bacterial growth).

For more on brining poultry, see my personal website: Brining Chicken and Brining Poultry.


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