Montana Co-op’s Farmers Market, Thursdays

By Catherine Haug, May 16, 2015

  • What: Montana Co-op’s Farmers Market (locally produced food and non-food items)
  • When: Every Thursday, beginning May 21, 2015, 3 PM – 7 PM
  • Where: Polson HUB, 401 Main St., Polson MT; (406) 319-2000
    (will be outdoors if good weather; indoors if bad)
  • Who: Open to the public. Local farmers and producers invited to set up a table (cost of $5 per table); come at least 30 minutes early.
  • For more info: Contact Jason (406) 319-2000; and read on for more detail. See also

The following is from Jason Moore of the Montana Co-Op:

This Thursday, May21st, 2015 we will be hosting our first farmer’s market from 3pm-7pm at the Polson HUB! Our plans are to make this a year-round market every Thursday evening, not just through the summer months. At this time, we are welcoming:

  • farm fresh produce (farm cut),
  • baked goods and preserves,
  • whole shell eggs (free of cracks and washed, kept at required temperatures and clearly labeled with the farm producers info),
  • beverages, and
  • other food products;
  • non-food items such as artwork, jewelry, or other specialty non-food items.

Every week we will need about a half hour before sale time to get everyone registered, and set up. Currently we do not have a waiting list, so we should have a spot for everyone! The cost to set up a table is $5. Because of our location in Polson, we have an opportunity to set up indoors or outdoors according to the weather and your particular needs.

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