PBS Videos: The Lexicon of Sustainability

Chickens at feed

Chickens at feed

by Catherine Haug, March 2014 (photo, right by Keith Blaylock)

Check out a very informative and entertaining series of short videos that explores new vocabulary associated with farming, food security, and other sustainability topics. From the Lexicon of Sustainability home page:

“For the past three years we have conversed with the foremost practitioners of sustainability in food and farming. They have shared their insights and experiences… and contributed their words to our rapidly growing Lexicon of Sustainability. To spread their knowledge our photography project has grown to include short films, study guides, traveling shows, a book and lastly a website where people can add their own terms to this ever-evolving lexicon.”

Read on for more about, and links to the videos.

The Know your Food series of short, entertaining and informative videos is what caught my attention. Each is under 10 minutes and well worth the watch, and sharing with friends – or in our schools. They plan 23 films of which 8 are currently available for viewing through PBS Videos: The Lexicon of Sustainability.

Before you can view the videos, you have to identify your PBS station. For those of us in Montana, that would most likely be KUSM in Bozeman, or KSPS (Spokane).

Here’s the list of currently available videos on the PBS Videos page:

  • True Cost Accounting: The Real Cost of Cheap Food (2:57 minutes)
  • Economies of Community (2:46 minutes)
  • Wheat or White?  (3:01 minutes)
  • Food Waste (compost, etc.; 4:10 minutes)
  • Local vs. Organic (3:16 minutes)
  • Forage (6:35 minutes)
  • Local (5:40 minutes)
  • The Story of an Egg (Pasture Management; 6:03 minutes)

I’ve written about some of these topics for this website, for example:

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