Photo contest and Changes coming to The EssentiaList website

by Catherine Haug, June 30, 2013

Website changes

We plan to upgrade our site’s format to a more user-friendly version. This version will have tabs (below our heading) that will allow you to access various parts of our website: our Blog, About ESP, Events, GMO links, Government contact, Preparedness Links, Other Links, and Files.

With our present format, these access links are in the right-hand column of our website. In preparation for this change, I have condensed the listing of links in the right-hand column.

Photo contest

The new format requires a photo across the top of the page (rather than the simple blue-green color on our existing banner). Initially, we will use a stock photo, but we would like to use a photo more pertinent to our mission. To this end, we encourage our readers to submit photos for this use.

Read on for more details about the contest.

Contest Details

Submit ONLY those photos for which you are the photographer/owner of copyright, or otherwise have permission from the photographer/owner of copyright for this use. In the later case, please provide us with the name and contact information for the photographer/owner of copyright. The photographer/owner of copyright of the winning photo will be identified on our home page.

The contest will be open until September 30, 2013. Please submit your entries to Cat: cat (at) essentialstuff  (dot) org [address disguised for security].

The photos must be wide and not very tall. We can crop a photo to the desired size, or you can do that before submitting. Here’s what the default photo looks like; the original of this is 800 x 211.


Theme-2011 defaultPhoto

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