Gathering Summary: Winemaking at Home, June 20, 2012

Red wine glass

by Catherine Haug, July 13, 2012

(photo, left, fromWikipedia)

Don Beans and Leslie Budewitz provided lots of good information in an hour’s time; enough to stimulate desire to try making wine with more than a hope of success. While it was a small audience, there were good questions and discussion. And Stephanie’s mixed-berry crisp dessert was delicious.

This is just a short synopsis; you can find more detail in the complete, printable pdf file: Gathering Summary: Winemaking at Home, with Don Beans and Leslie Budewitz, and in the handouts. Read on for handouts (to be added when available), presentation topics, and references & resources.


to be added when available

Presentation topics

  • Introduction (includes Why make wine, and The Chemistry)
  • Wine kits and equipment
  • The process (primary and secondary fermentation; siphoning and bottling)
  • Using other fruits


References & Resources

(photo, right, from

Presentation handouts

  • (to be added when available)

Instructional info

Equipment, supplies and kits

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