Updated video: How to Dress (Butcher) a Rabbit

by Catherine Haug, April 9, 2012

Back in March of 2010, we had a gathering on Raising Chickens & Rabbits. Nick and BrendaLee S. presented on raising rabbits, and provided a Flip video of How to Dress (Home-Butcher) a Rabbit, that was included in the gathering summary. Subsequent to that, the Flip video-share site closed, so that the video was no longer available. Now they have converted it to a YouTube video in 4 parts.

I’ve updated that gathering summary with the new YouTube links, and also provide them below.  Read on for those links.

How to Dress a Rabbit (Basic Home-Butchering of Rabbits)

See also Gathering Summary: Raising Rabbits (pdf) for complete summary from that 2010 event.

View the 4 parts of the complete video in order:

Note that you cannot find these videos by searching via google or directly on YouTube because it has a status of ‘unlisted.’ (This is so children won’t happen upon it and be upset by what they see in the video). But if you have access to the links (as above), you can view the videos.

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