Gathering Summary: The Craft of Knitting with Carol Marie, etc., Feb 15, 2012

by Catherine Haug, March 1, 2012

Cat's felted hat; knit scarf & mittens

This is just a short synopsis; you can find more detail in the complete, printable pdf file: Gathering Summary: The Craft of Knitting, etc.. There were no handouts.

Carol brought lots of samples of knitted as well as crocheted, felted & needle-punched items to view. Her friend Roxy demonstrated how to use a drop spindle to make yarn from roving. Several audience members brought in-progress and finished knit items.

Read on for presentation topics, references & resources.

Presentation Topics

Yarn Crafts:

Roxy's drop spindle

  • Knitting
  • Crochet
  • Needlepunch
  • Felting

Spinning with a Drop Spindle

Photo, right, by Roxy

Resources & References

  1. Going to the Sun Fiber Mill:
  2. Wikipedia on spindles:

Using a drop spindle

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