Progress Report: Local Food Production/Handling Coop in NW Montana

by Catherine Haug, September 15, 2011

Last month I published a short post about a new food coop project based out of Ronan, called Get Well Montana (Local Food Production/Handling Coop in NW Montana). More than 30 people attended an introductory meeting to assess interest in the project. Valuable discussion and ideas percolated through the group, including discussion of how best to reach people throughout NW Montana.

Read more about this project and the introductory meeting on the Valley Journal website: Local food coop gathers steering committee.  From the article:

“Our local economy is failing,” Moore said. “Money is being sent overseas for most of our consumable products while our local people don’t have jobs.” By growing and consuming 15 percent of our own food, it would keep $225 million annually in Montana, and $66 million in western Montana alone, according to Moore.

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