Dutch-Oven Baking

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

by Catherine Haug, June 14, 2011

(photo from www.basspro.com)

While looking for a sourdough banana bread recipe on the internet, I stumbled upon a very interesting website: Byron’s Dutch Oven Recipes (scroll down to see the index of recipes). He includes one-pot meals as well as breads & desserts, which could come in handy for campouts and picnics, as well as meal preparation at home.

A few months ago I published an article on Baking Bread with a Wood Stove, in which I discuss using a Dutch Oven on top of a wood heating stove, if you don’t have a wood-heated oven. I’ve updated that post to include a link to Byron’s recipe site.

The best Dutch ovens are cast iron and hold a fairly large quantity. His recipe for Dutch Oven Sourdough Banana Bread makes the equivalent of 2 loaves, more than I can use, but I might adapt it for a single loaf, then set my loaf pan in my Dutch Oven to cook on top of my wood stove.

He also has a great section on Dutch Oven Care, including seasoning the oven (essential with cast iron), cleaning the oven, and more.


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