Gathering Summary: Garden Season Extenders, by Don Bates, March 23, 2011

by Catherine Haug

(Photos by Don Bates unless otherwise noted)

Subtitle: How to maximize your garden output without spending a boatload of money

This is just a short synopsis; you can find more detail in the complete, printable Gathering Summary: Garden Season Extenders (pdf), and more photos in Garden Season Extenders Slideshow.

See also Don’s Handouts (printable pdf files):

    Presentation Topics

    The following topics are covered in more detail in the complete Gathering Summary: Garden Season Extenders (pdf)

    • Garden possibilities: Multi-cropping and timed plantings, to extend season from Feb 15 through Nov 15;
    • Seed Starting – all season long;
    • Wall-o-Water (Wall of Water);
    • Low tunnels (row covers);
    • Cold frames
    • Hoophouses (high tunnels)
    • Combinations of these
    • Audience Q & A

    Resources & References

    Don’s References

    • “Four Season Harvest”,  Eliot Coleman  (the bible. Highly recommended)
    • “Winter Harvest Handbook “, Eliot Coleman  (for advanced users)
    • “The Polytunnel Handbook”, McKee & Gatter  ( written by a couple of Brits, so not “climate appropriate”, but otherwise has a lot of good ideas)
    • Google and Youtube:  search:  row covers, low tunnels, hoophouses, polytunnels.  Also see Johnny’s Selected Seeds (   Lots of info, but pay close attention to the climate of the poster.

    Don’s Sources of Supply

    ESP Articles:

    Other Websites:

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