Gathering Summary: Managing an Organic Beehive, by Veronica Honthaas, February 23, 2011

Small Cell Hive

by Catherine Haug, March 17, 2011

(Photo, right, from Facebook – Flathead Beekeepers; photo, below, by Veronica Honthaas)

Presentation Topics

The following topics are covered in more detail in the complete Gathering Summary: Managing an Organic Beehive and Photo Gallery: Managing an Organic Beehive.

  • Introduction
  • Ronny’s Three Rules or Requirements for Organic Hives
  • Bee Genetics & Cell Size
  • Wild Bees
  • Managing Hives Organically
  • Stings
  • How to Regress Cell Size
  • Catching Bees with Swarm Bucket or Bait Hives
  • Audience Q & A

Bait Hive with Frame

For more photos see: Photo Gallery: Managing an Organic Beehive.

Ronny’s Resources

Ronny provided several local and web-based resources for those interested in beekeeping with small-cell bees.

Local Persons & Organizations

Books & Websites

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