Quick access to event listings on ESP website

by Catherine Haug, February 21, 2011

In response to a suggestion from one of our members, I made some small changes to the links column of our home page. At the very top, on the right hand side, just below the ‘Search’ field, are several menus: About ESP, Events, Preparedness, and Files.

[NOTE: These menus will eventually become tabs at the top of the page, one tab for each menu, to simplify our site and improve access to information.]

Events Menu:

Listed in the Events menu are several links as shown in the screen capture, right. You can see all currently posted ESP Event notices, summaries of our past events, and planned events. Or you can go directly to notices for Olduvai, the Community Garden, or Other Events.

If you select “Planned Events”, it will bring up a page that provides links to currently posted:

  • “ESP Events & Gatherings”as well as list of planned, but not yet posted upcoming events; and
  • a link to  posted “Other Events.”


How-To Instructions:

The About ESP menu (shown left) includes a “How Do I?” Link, with subcategory links on how to accomplish various tasks on our website, or become a member (receive newsletters).

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