What’s in Your Burger?

by Catherine Haug

When I was a kid, my favorite lunch was a hamburger at Bigfork’s Lake Cafe. The ground beef came from a local rancher; the bun from a local bakery. It was juicy and tasty and just hit the spot.

In the fall of 1966, my parents took me to Tacoma where I would be a freshman in college. That first night, we went to a McDonalds because I’d seen ads on TV and wanted to see what their burgers were like. I was very disappointed in its taste and texture, not to mention the atmosphere of the place, and have avoided fast food ever since.

After seeing this video on You Tube, now I know why it was wise to avoid them. Check it out (3.37 minute video):

The World’s First Bionic Burger


Burgers kept in a basement over a 20-year period still look the same as one hot off the McDonald’s grill. No mold, no rot.  And, no real nutrient content either. How can this absence of rot be? Watch to the very end to find out.

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