Gathering Summary: Using Natural Dyes for Fibers, by Joan Goldstein, September 22, 2010

Madder, Amaranthe, Yellow onion skins, Lichens, Cosmos

by Catherine Haug; basket photos by Joan Goldstein

Joan provided a 2-page handout which is available on our website: The EssentiaList: Dying Fibers with Natural Materials, by Joan Goldstein

Presentation Topics

The following topics are covered in more detail in the complete Gathering Summary: Using Natural Dyes for Fibers (pdf):

  • Colors (Joan’s baskets of colorful yarns)
  • Pigment vs. Dye
  • Getting the Dye to ‘Stick’: Using Mordants
  • Dyes from the Kitchen: coffee, tea and onion skins
  • Dying with Lichens and Orchil
  • Dyes from the Garden: amaranth, cosmos, cottonwood, Japanese indigo, madder, cochineal
  • The Affect of pH, and Dying Plant vs Animal Fibers
  • Premordanting
  • Overview of Dying Process
  • Sources & References

Japanese Indigo

Sources & References

Joan’s Bibliography

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Lichens, Spinach, Logwood with Cosmos (dark green)

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