Gathering Summary: Canning & Dehydrating Foods, Panel, August 25, 2010

Excalibur Dehydrator

by Catherine Haug

(photo, right, from

Our Panel included Don B. and Julie V. to discuss dehydrating, and Kathie L. to discuss canning. See Gathering Summary: Canning & Dehydrating Foods for complete summary.

On dehydrating, both Julie and Don highly recommend a book: Dry It – You’ll Like It, by Gen MacManiman (link goes to They discussed:

  • What it means to dehdyrate food;
  • Why dehydrate (as opposed to canning);
  • How to dehydrate and then store the dried product; and
  • Several different electric dehydrators including Don’s homemade dehydrator.

Kathie discussed both water bath canning and pressure canning, including when to use which method, and two different types of canning lids. She recommends the book: Encyclopedia of Country Living, by Carla Emery; you can peak inside, on the Amazon page. But because pressure canners vary on instructions from model to model, she recommends using your canner’s ‘how to’ book as your guide.

For complete Gathering Summary, see our pdf file: Gathering Summary: Canning & Dehydrating Foods

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