Gathering Summary: Herbs & Their Traditional Uses, July 28, 2010

Summary by Catherine Haug

Herbs & their Traditional Uses, by Veronica Honthaas

(Photo of ripening hawthorn berries by C. Haug)

The following is a short outline of the event. For the complete gathering summary, see our pdf file:

Gathering Summary: Herbs & their Traditional Uses

Veronica is a practicing traditional herbalist and reflexologist. A traditional herbalist is one who uses herbs from the local area. Ronny believes every area has most all the herbs needed to promote health and healing for people living in that area, and that herbs are healing foods. Sharing her knowledge through teaching is an important aspect of her work.

The use of herbs is simple and free, and very empowering. During her presentation, Ronny discussed:

  • 20 specific local herbs
  • How to store what is picked
  • Basic herb teas
  • Sun teas
  • Making tinctures

For complete detail of her presentation, please see the Gathering Summary: Herbs & their Traditional Uses.

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