Why Is It So Hard to Find Locally-Grown Foods in Montana: a Video

by Catherine Haug

This video asks the question:

“Agriculture is Montana’s number one industry. So why does most of the food Montanans eat come from so far away? …  Up until the early 1950s, Montana produced nearly 70% of the food Montanans ate. … Today, Montana’s agriculture provides only about 10% of the food Montanans eat.”

Watch this 11 minute video to find the answer. It’s available on the Grow Montana website: www.growmontana.ncat.org or on YouTube: Grow Montana – Montana Food System Notes

Support your local grower/producer.

Eating locally produced food is not only more healthful, but it also builds our local economy and creates jobs.

Home-grown Montana projects like the Mobile Poultry Processing Unit are giving local producers a step up towards this larger goal.

Interested in starting a farmers market? Check out Starting a Farmers Market in Montana.

See AERO-MT, Buy Fresh Buy Local (& Food Routes), and Grow Montana for more information.

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