Growing Guides for Montana Gardens

by Catherine Haug

I continue to research gardening tips/advice for our Montana climate. Here are a few useful articles and sites. [See “References” at the end of the article for urls.]

MSU Extension Documents:

[NOTE: for your future reference, MSU Extension links for these files are also available in ), to our “Food: Gardening” links section, in the right hand column of our home page, and also on the Gardening Files page. (3)]

MSU Extension Catalog: Yard & Garden Publications: Fruits & Vegetables (4) is a series of publications available from MSU Extension service; many are free and can be downloaded as pdf files. Others require a fee to purchase or download. Here are some free examples (many more are available from the Publications (4) site): Article: Vegetables That Grow in Montana. This is not as useful as the MontGuide above, but worth checking it out if you are a new gardener.

Ed Hume Seeds: Vegetable Garden Layout has lots of good information on planning and readying your garden in our Pacific Northwest climate. He offers a Seed Planting Chart for a Family of Four to help with planning your garden.

Growing Plants from Seeds is a resource of gardening links by specific crop and lots of other useful information. A similar page on his site: Ed Hume’s Library by Subject can help you find answers to many of your gardening questions.

And there’s a program that can provide you seeds to Plant a Row for the Hungry.


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